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CONTROL-M is batch scheduling software produced by BMC Software, originally written for mainframes but also available for distributed computing platforms including Unix, Windows, Linux and OpenVMS environments. CONTROL-M can be integrated with applications such as SAP and Oracle, to act as a scheduling organizer in these platforms. The intent of this site is a personal reference of information about Control-M that can be accessed via the web, sparate from the resources avaialble on the BMC support pages.

Control-M Server and Enterprise Manager (EM) require some administration. However, the tool itself can manage a great deal of this for you and alert you if there is an issue. Included in this site will be some of those tasks to manage both the Control-M Server and Control-M Enterprise Manager. Some scripts that have been created to elevate the manual process and alerting features. Also, a naming convention for Control-M as a standard and guideline to work with. Naming Convention for Control-M varies from organization to organization, but if nothing else it's a guideline to incorperate something similiar if needed.


Do you know... ctmcreate ?
The ctmcreate utility can be used to create an ad hob job or group to be inserted directly into the active job file. The function performed is equivalent to the Force function in Control-M/EM.
CONTROL-M/Server for Unix Administrator Guide

External Links of Interest

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Control-M Server

Control-M server (CTM) software manages the process power across platforms, such as Unix, Linux, Windows and Mainframe environments.

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Enterprise Manager

Control-M Enterprise Manager (EM) manages the communication between Control-M servers and handles the cross platform communciations of dependencies.

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Control-M Agent

Control-M Agent is the remote action taken as batch processing of the commands fromt he servier are requsted, supporting Oracle, SAP, Netbackup, etc.